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private investigator wolverhampton
Private Investigator wolverhampton

Private Investigator - Cohabitation

Proof of cohabitation is possibly the most crucial service we provide and it can be difficult to obtain the evidence you require without the help of a Private Investigator.


Here at Private Investigator Wolverhampton we offer four unique tailored packages that will help you obtain the evidence you require before proceeding with courts etc.

We have helped our clients get a positive result through our service and some of the the issues that we have helped overcome are:

  • CSA Claims.

  • Increase / Decrease in maintenance.

  • Housing benefits.

  • Asset shares.

  • Rental occupancy 


How we conduct our Cohabitation service is very detailed and is done over serveral weeks, it is not an istant result as we have to gain all the evidence correctly in order to get a result in court.

The full breakdown can be explained in great detail during your FREE consultation 01902 475 052